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With information at hand and smart data analytics, SAMP empowers plant owner-operators and engineers to make decisions that optimise maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime to maximise production.

Reduce Maintenance Spend

Eliminate unnecessary inspections, repairs and/or replacements through risk-based decision making.

Zero Plant Breakdowns

Reduce unplanned outages from integrity related failures through proper damage mechanism identification and expert management.

Assisted Decision Making

Ability to move to Risk-based inspection intervals for Statutory Inspections instead of fixed 3 year intervals

Meet Our Team

Our experienced team of international engineering professionals know what it takes to manage industrial and electrical generation plants – from coal-powered and renewable energy generation plants through to any steam-based industrial processes. This broad expertise and experience is incorporated into the design of the SAMP platform – ensuring that plants both large and small are able to reduce costly downtime, chase zero breakdowns, master entropy and increase return on assets.


Alistair Moodie

SAMP Product Manager (EMEA)

Alistair Moodie is an instrumental and key designer of the technical approach that has led to the development of the Smart Asset Management Platform (SAMP). An expert O&M engineer initially from the power generation space, Alistair has an in-depth appreciation for the impact that operating and maintenance decisions and actions have on overall business performance.

Alistair derives deep satisfaction from helping teams to make the right decisions at the right time, based on quality information and useful and applicable analytics.
Alistair is also a registered professional mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the operations and maintenance of turbo-generators and the associated balance of plant.

Through the development of SAMP, Alistair has gained an extensive understanding of how decisions are made by teams operating a wide variety of plant and equipment across the oil, gas and power generation sectors.

Hans Rautenbach

Service Lead (USA)

Hans Rautenbach is a mechanical engineer with broad experience across the oil and gas, petrochemical and power sectors.

This experience enables Hans to provide extensive leadership insight in assisting diverse engineering teams to deploy the SAMP platform across industry sectors.

In addition, Hans has extensive experience in supporting critical assets through Risk Assessments and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) projects and is API580 certified. Hans is also well-versed in ISO 9001, 18001 and 55001 specifications and how to integrate these standards to support critical asset fleets.

The SAMP platform is his primary secret weapon to enable great asset and overall plant performance!

Andrew Carr

Managing Director (EMEA)

Andrew Carr is a graduate, professional materials engineer and holds a master’s degree in thermal power and turbine technology from Cranfield University, UK. Andrew began his career in the aerospace industry before transitioning to land-based engineering and gaining extensive experience in the support of power generation plants and other industries for more than 20-years.

Andrew is deeply invested in infrastructure and is passionate about enabling teams that manage these assets on the ground. He is devoted to the cause of improving asset management and asset performance decisions in the oil, gas and power space by bringing expert knowledge to bear through the use of the SAMP Platform.

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