SAMP Features

The difference between mediocre and great plant performance is making the right decisions at the right time. There is a better way to manage critical assets and it is called SAMP:
Smart Asset Management Platform.

Helping teams make good O&M decisions on critical assets.

The SAMP O&M Virtuous Cycle

SAMP digitises, collects, and stores condition and production data, using it to reflect granular risks of critical assets. With information at hand and smart data analytics, SAMP empowers plant owner-operators and engineers to make decisions that optimise maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime to maximise production.

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Information and Decision Making

SAMP elevates technical decisions from gut feel to informed, defendable and consistent. The result is assets that are well understood in terms of their remaining useful life, and are used optimally to maximise business value. Good decisions:

  • Are backed by appropriate information
  • Are not made in isolation
  • Deliver optimal business value
  • Are made by people with the right information at hand

Critical Assets and Risk

The platform provides quick, efficient and dynamically updated risk analysis and assessments that improve teams’ responsiveness to plant risk, be it business, safety or environmental. SAMP arrives at risk ratings by identifying relevant damage mechanisms and modes and their location in the asset, SAMP puts a number to the engineers’ gut feel.


At the click of a button, live platform information can be converted into slick snapshot reports and submitted to stakeholders within the company.

Asset reports, status reports and condition assessment reports can be customised to tie in with the client’s key performance indicators, making reporting and cascading of information easy, quick and repeatable.

Dashboards are customised to the client’s needs displaying key information in a convenient way to all team members.

Projects and Quality Management

The digitisation of inspection data is used to track the progress of projects and assist project managers in focussing on problem areas. Out-of-specification conditions are highlighted in real time, allowing experts and plant owners to address issues rapidly.

Quality management is integral to the data capture and project tracking process, ensuring that quality becomes a core feature of projects, instead of an inconvenience. The evaluation of findings and sign-off of results is carried out digitally and in real time, decreasing feedback times and increasing accountability for quality of work.

SAMP is not

Maintenance planning is a well established discipline. SAMP not only enhances maintenance planning through a risk-based approach, it is a decision making tool that effectively brings asset, business, safety and environmental risk into the O&M decision equation.

SAMP complements ERP and CMMS programmes. By drawing data from one into the other and vice versa, they work together to provide a comprehensive engineering, maintenance, operations and business view of critical assets.

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